If you’re new to infertility, or trying to conceive, you may be perplexed by all our acronyms.  Rest assured.  I have a list for you.

  • 2WW-2 week wait, the 2 week period between ovulation and your period
  • AF-aunt flow
  • BBT-basal body temperature, may refer to the practice itself of taking your temperature daily to try to pinpoint ovulation
  • BC-birth control
  • Beta-blood test to test for pregnancy
  • BFN-big fat negative, a negative pregnancy test
  • BFP-big fat positive, a positive pregnancy test
  • BD-baby dance, otherwise known as sex that takes place at a time in your cycle that could actually get you pregnant!
  • CD-cycle day
  • CM-cervical mucus
  • DH-dear husband
  • dp/dt- days past/day transfer: 2dp5dt means it’s 2 days after a transfer of a 5 day old embryo
  • DPO-days past ovulation
  • ER-egg retrieval
  • EWCM-egg white cervical mucus, a sign of impending ovulation
  • HCG-pregnancy hormone
  • HPT-home pregnancy test
  • HSG-hysterosalpingogram, a diagnostic test to check for blocked fallopian tubes
  • ICSI-intracytoplasmic sperm injection, a fancy way of saying “inject sperm into egg”
  • IUI-intrauterine insemination (Dr puts sperm inside you at time of ovulation)
  • IVF-in vitro fertilization
  • OPK-ovulation predictor kit, usually more sticks you pee on
  • PG-pregnant, pregnancy
  • RE-reproductive endocrinologist
  • SA- semen analysis 
  • TTC-trying to conceive
  • US-ultrasound