The one with the ultrasound

Yesterday, DH asked when we were going to have an US to see if there was actually a baby.  I was like “uh, it’s tomorrow…”  He totally forgot.  Then he said “Do you feel bad at all that this baby is already totally the “second baby” even though we haven’t even had an ultrasound yet?  […]


The one with the lying

Third beta was good!  I calculated what it should be and it was just over by a bit.  We have an US scheduled now for a week from Monday.  I’ll be 7w2d, so definitely late enough to see the heartbeat. So, by the time this is scheduled to post, this will already have happened and […]

The one with beta

I knew as soon as I saw the positive FRER last Wednesday that it was darker than the same day I tested with Clementine.  And it was confirmed with a higher beta number.  Now I’m just calculating what I hope to see on Wednesday for 2nd beta!  Fingers crossed!

The one before Beta

Omg. My clinic takes people for blood and US from 630-715am. I try to get here early to sign in so that I can get home to Clementine to take are of her before I leave for work. It seems that no matter how early I get here, other people are quicker. I got in […]

The one with the lucky room

The room was lucky after all. 6dp5dt. Beta isn’t until Monday, but obviously I tested yesterday, at 6dp5dt.  This morning I had no inclination to test again to see if it was darker.  I don’t know why.  I’m thinking that I’m just sort of feeling that I’ve been through it before, so I’m a little […]

The one where I’m behind.

Ok, so last Saturday I had blood and ultrasound and my lining was good so I knew I’d be scheduled.  But I was going to be away for the night.  So I had to bring my stuff to start my shots with me.  I got the much anticipated email, and then couldn’t retrieve the dr’s […]

The one with the start of FET #3

Had blood work and US this morning.  I’ve been directed to take the smurfy pill again, morning and night.  And use the patches again.  3.  Change every other day.  The hubs will be so excited. I’m to go back a week from Saturday to check again.  Dr. V had me do the patches from the […]