About me

Hi there.  I wish you weren’t reading this.  You probably are dealing with infertility in some way if you are here, and for that, I’m sorry.  It’s not a group any of us wish to be a part of, but I’ve been so reassured by reading other people’s stories that I wanted a place to voice my story as well.

I’m just your average girl.  Married my DH in 2012 when were 29 (me) and 27 (him).  Started trying after we bought a house in late 2014 (31+29), and just got our actual infertility diagnosis in early 2016 (32+30).  We’re the loving parents to a dog we adopted in 2014 at the age of 9.  Why more people don’t want to adopt older dogs is beyond me.  All he wants to do is relax and watch TV with us.  He’s a big fan of our crime dramas…

I like to plan.  I like things organized.  That’s where the name of the blog came from.  My mom always says I had to ‘have my ducks in a row’ before we started trying.  And she’s right.  I wanted to do it in the ‘right’ order if I could help it.  I just wanted to make sure we were as ‘ready’ as we could be.  Even though I’m sure everyone’s right when they say you’re never actually ready.  But I’m beginning to see that none of that really matters.


I have 3 sisters, whom I adore.  Two since they were born (I’m the oldest), and one we were blessed with finding when my dad got together with his fiancé a few years ago.  A lot of people seemed confused as to how I went from 2 sisters all my life to suddenly 3, but life comes in all sorts of different ways.  This also means I have 3 supportive parents, my mom, my dad, and my dad’s fiancé, plus supportive family on my husband’s side.

I love Friends, it doesn’t get old, and my sisters and I use Friends references or quotes in everyday life and conversation.  Most people don’t even realize.  Although a few friendships have been made through someone recognizing a simple phrase with a particular tone or emphasis as a Friends line.

I hope to ‘get through’ all this infertility junk with a little grace and hopefully some humor.



5 thoughts on “About me

  1. I’m so glad I found your blog. My husband and I started trying before our wedding in May 2014. The day after our first anniversary we found out that due to an undescended testicle as a child, he had no sperm count. It’s been a rough year for us and he’s scheduled for a biopsy next month to see if we can find sperm. If so, we’ll be going the ICSI IVF route as well.

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  2. Hi! I’m so sorry you’re going through this. But I am also glad you found my blog. If it will make you feel better in any way, whether to hear our experiences so you have a better idea of what to expect, or for encouragement just knowing that someone else is going through something similar, please follow me. I intend to give a detailed account of what happens, as that’s what I’ve been looking for in others’ blogs. If you end up starting your own blog, please let me know and I’ll follow and offer support. There are a lot of us in this little community and we’re all here for you!


  3. We sound a lot alike. While I wish I wasn’t reading this and I wish you weren’t going through this it’s always nice to find people you can relate to. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers in hopes you get your miracle.

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  4. I’m not sure how I found your blog but am happy I did! I’ll be spending the rest of the day reading through your posts. Thank you for sharing your journey. Infertility is a crappy place to be in and we should all be getting the word out there. The public needs to understand what all it entails without the “shameful” stigma. I have high hopes that all of this sharing will encourage health/insurance systems to recognize our actual medical diagnosis and decid to pitch in on treatment and meds. Good luck to you!

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