The one with 4 weeks to go

I’m unsure how I’m feeling as we get closer and closer to my due date.  I’m beyond excited to meet her and snuggle and hug and kiss her.  But I’m also feeling a little down lately.  I don’t know if it’s because I feel crappy a lot of the time, or just my hormones going […]

The one with the glucose test

We had another ultrasound this week (26w5d).  If you remember, we have the world’s most stubborn baby and the technician couldn’t get all the measurements she needed during the last two ultrasounds.  She was finally able to this time and everything is looking good.  She said baby girl weighs about 2 and 1/2 pounds.  Before […]

The one with the gender (sort of)

We had another ultrasound yesterday.  You may remember that we had one 4 weeks ago but the baby was so uncooperative, the US tech couldn’t get hardly any of the measurements she needed to, let alone tell us the sex. This one went a little differently.  For starters, my youngest sister had jokingly told me […]

The one without the gender

We had an appointment this past Monday.  We were supposed to find out the gender.  Unfortunately, the baby was super uncooperative.  They have me coming back in for another ultrasound because the tech couldn’t even get all the measurements she needed.  For all we know, this baby could have no feet!  Totally hiding everything!  DH […]