The one where I’m behind.

Ok, so last Saturday I had blood and ultrasound and my lining was good so I knew I’d be scheduled.  But I was going to be away for the night.  So I had to bring my stuff to start my shots with me.  I got the much anticipated email, and then couldn’t retrieve the dr’s […]

The one with the start of FET #3

Had blood work and US this morning.  I’ve been directed to take the smurfy pill again, morning and night.  And use the patches again.  3.  Change every other day.  The hubs will be so excited. I’m to go back a week from Saturday to check again.  Dr. V had me do the patches from the […]

The one with the struggle

If I’m being honest, I’m struggling.  At the time of my last blog post, I didn’t even mention it because I think it hadn’t really hit me yet.  But my beta was not actually negative.  It was just ridiculously low. I had to go back two days later to check that it had dropped  to […]

The one with the cramping, 1dp5dt

I’m only 1dp5dt.  I stayed home with Clementine after the transfer yesterday.  It was a nice day, although “resting” at home with a baby is a little different than “resting” at home without a baby.  She did give me a nice snuggle session between all her shenanigans though. I’m back at work today and have […]