The one where I have a baby

Whew! It’s been a long time!  Baby girl is a month old today! So…


Fair warning: You read the title, so….  Also, this will be a picture heavy post, and the pictures are of an adorable baby, so if you think that might bother you, I’ll understand if you close this post now.


So the weekend before the birth, we went crazy with last-minute cleaning and getting ready and repacking bags since I would no longer be in labor, but in surgery.  A few things got swapped out for different things.  Monday I made cupcakes to bring for the nurses (which they seemed very excited about and even at shift changes new nurses would come in and say something, which was nice), and then DH took me out for my mani pedi and then we went to a restaurant that is a little pricier than we normally go to for some apps and dessert.  The restaurant makes a practice of asking if you’re there for anything special, so I said yes, we were out for our last time as just the two of us because we were having the baby the next morning.  Of course they communicated this to our server, so she congratulated us right away.  They wrote a special congratulations on our dessert, which was sweet, but then we got a visit from the manager.  She also congratulated us and then told us our visit was taken care of and also gave us a nice sized gift card to come back again once we got a chance to get out of the house after baby.  It was very very nice and we left a sizeable tip.  It was a great “last night.”

Tuesday morning we get to the hospital in plenty of time to do all the paperwork.  The nurse saw my water bottle and stopped in her tracks.  She informed me that I was not supposed to eat or drink anything after midnight… I told her no one had told me about any rules, and while I assumed as much, I never thought water would’ve been prohibited.  I had only had about 8 ounces over the previous 2 hours, but she still thought it was a problem.  The way she was acting, I seriously thought they were going to send me home.  It wasn’t until about 15 minutes later that she said “worst case, we might have to push it back a couple hours”…. you could’ve said that from the start! haha.  The anesthesiologist wasn’t worried though so we were fine to continue.

Noon rolled around and they brought me down to the OR.  The spinal wasn’t as bad as I thought.  Once it was in though, it was a really strange feeling to be completely awake and feel everything from the chest up but nothing below.  After what felt like forever, they finally brought my husband in and he sat by my head.  I started crying a little from the nerves and meds.  Dr. Edwards came in and soon enough, they were working on me.  The staff in the room were all really great about keeping us involved and aware even though we weren’t really active participants.  They called out “oh, we’ve got a bum!” “Oh, what a cute little hairy bum!”.  Since she was breech, this is what came out first.  And then the rest of her wouldn’t come out… Dr Edwards asked the anesthesiologist, who was up by my head, to push down under my chest to push the baby down towards him.  I could feel her doing it, and then she was saying “oh, my goodness, I can feel her trying to crawl back up!”  It was pretty funny, she just did not want to come out!  He finally got her out and held her up for us to see.  We started crying for real and the anesthesiologist was wiping away tears on both of us.

They cleaned her up and then brought her over to me.  I told them I wanted to do skin to skin in whatever way possible.  Which was difficult considering below my shoulders was “in surgery” and really just my head was available.  The nurse held her face to mine so we could be cheek to cheek and I could see her and touch her.

Meet Clementine Mable:


I love that first picture because she looks like she’s trying to give me a kiss.  The second picture is later that afternoon, back in our room.

They needed to take Clementine for testing in the nursery, so DH went with her while they stitched me up and finished everything.  My sister was already waiting in the hallway, so she got to see them on their way out, although no one mentioned her name yet.  They took me to recovery and after a few minutes, they let my sister in to be with me while they were doing what they needed to with me.  I was relieved to have someone with me.  When they were finally done with me, the baby still wasn’t back yet, so they were going to wheel me to the nursery, but then my husband was at the door with the baby, so we all just went back to our room and I finally got to hold her.  It felt like forever.

After a little bit, DH went to go grab some snacks, so my sister and I face-timed my sister who lives far away to introduce her to the baby.  While I had them both, I told them her name and they loved it of course.  Her middle name is my mom’s middle name.  At some point during the call, I got a weird feeling and told my sister to get me something to throw up in.  She started looking and I yelled I needed it now.  She grabbed a small wastebasket and gave it to me.  I couldn’t really move of course because I was still numb, I was sat up, but not completely.  As my stomach muscles contracted as I threw up, I swear it felt like my belly was busting open.  I managed to get across to my sister that I was struggling to hold the baby (I had her on one arm, luckily she was sort of on a pillow next to me and I was just holding her up, rather than actually holding her, and the wastebasket in the other arm, leaned towards it to not throw up on myself).  So she ran to the other side and held the baby so I could have my other arm to hold my belly.  It was not fun.  The nurse came in a few minutes later and I told her what happened.  She said if it happened again she’d give me a shot that would stop the nausea.  Of course it did happen again, but this time my mom was there and she was holding Clementine.  The second time was much worse.  It was quite painful in my belly.  They assured me that it wouldn’t bust my stitches or anything, but I promise that’s what it felt like.  I got a shot and it didn’t happen again.

That day we were visited by my in-laws, my mom,  my dad and step mom, and my step sister.  It was so nice to introduce her and finally reveal her name.  I don’t know if anyone would have had any negative comments about her name had we revealed it ahead of time, but we certainly have only heard very complimentary things since she’s been here.  Everyone seems to absolutely adore it and think it’s the sweetest.

Even though everything is wonderful and we are so in love with her, I’ll admit it hasn’t been all smooth sailing.  She refuses to nurse, so feeding was a nightmare in the beginning, and it continues to be a struggle.  But that’s a whole other post.  Probably next month when I’m back at work and will be sitting at a computer all the time.

The day we took her home from the hospital:


On her seventh day, we took her to do her newborn pictures.  I’m in love with them.

Today she’s a month old, so, last thing:


So, that’s our sweet girl!  I’ll update about the feeding debacle next month.  I never knew you could have issues with there being an actual issue.  Hope everyone is doing well!


14 thoughts on “The one where I have a baby

  1. Ahhhh!!! I can’t tell you how happy I was to get this post 🙂 I’m so glad her birth went well (I had bad nausea after my c section too, the worst) and I LOVE the Clementine. It’s beautiful and so is she! Good job, mama!! 🍑🎊💜

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! Yeah I was nervous that my throwing up didn’t go away when I had her, but turned out it was just the meds. Haven’t thrown up or had heartburn since. It’s weird to not have to think about what I’m eating anymore! Haha


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