The one with the sudden change of plans


We had an appointment yesterday.  Ultrasound and internal check to see where we’re at.  Imagine our surprise when our baby girl, previously in the head down position, showed us her head up at my ribs.  Uhh, what?  I really thought she was dropped, in the right position, getting ready for labor.

After talking with the Dr about her size and position and my cervix (no signs of impending labor), we now have a C-section scheduled for Tuesday at noon.  It’s a little shocking to go from expecting labor, and not knowing when, to knowing you’re having surgery, and knowing exactly when you’ll meet the baby.  I wasn’t expecting this at all and I sort of feel in a daze about it.

Ultimately, I’m fine with it.  Plenty of people end up with C-sections and I know it’ll all be fine.  I trust my Dr’s knowledge and experience and I know that he wouldn’t jump to surgery without good reason, so I feel this is the best course of action.

I’m undecided about going to work on Monday.  I think it’ll depend on how I’m feeling (I’m coming down with a head cold), if I have everything ready that I want ready, and if I feel like I need the distraction of being at work.  I plan on getting a mani-pedi, and on making some sort of treats for the hospital staff on Monday night.  So I’m just playing it by ear for now.

I might be really bored in the hospital, so I may update while there, otherwise it’ll be after we’re home.  Wish me luck!


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