The one with 4 weeks to go

6358263623043008201067468262_tumblr_ly7pqlCveW1qh17feo1_500(1)I’m unsure how I’m feeling as we get closer and closer to my due date.  I’m beyond excited to meet her and snuggle and hug and kiss her.  But I’m also feeling a little down lately.  I don’t know if it’s because I feel crappy a lot of the time, or just my hormones going crazy or what.

I do know that I have no real reason to feel badly. We’ve had a lot of great things over the last few weeks. We had maternity pictures taken and I am in love with them.  I had a friend do my makeup and used the photographer that I booked for the baby.  I am under no illusions that the beauty of the images she captured are thanks to my husband’s or my beauty, she is just a great photographer!  After seeing what an amazing job she did with us, I’m even more excited to see the baby pictures.  I’ve posted a few at the bottom, just a warning in case that’s a trigger for you!

We also had our baby shower last weekend.  My mom, stepmom, sisters and best friend did such an amazing job and it was everything I imagined it would be.  It was a winter wonderland theme and we had lots of snowflakes and twinkly lights.  I had picked some pretty invitations that said “a little snowflake is on her way” and the theme went around that. I, of course, thought it fitting since in this community we often refer to our embryos on ice as snowflakes. I’m sure that double meaning was lost on just about all of our guests, but DH and I knew it was about more than the season, and we shared the meaning with our close family. We received so many wonderful gifts from our family and friends and feel pretty well prepared to welcome this baby home.

Just this past weekend, DH and I spent a few days away in a touristy area in our state.  We had a room with a two person tub because I’ve heard how nice a bath can be at this stage. I have to admit, it was pretty great. We also got a couples massage and spent a little time in the hotel’s indoor pool. And luckily I had a good few days without any heartburn or pukey feelings. So we also had a great time eating!

We packed our hospital bags and have them in my car, ready to go at any time. The car seats are installed in our cars as well. The house isn’t as prepared, but I honestly don’t care that much. I’ll finish what I can, but I also know that it’s not the end of the world if things don’t get done. We’ve got plenty of diapers and we’ve got my boobs, and that’s pretty much all we need…  So I’m just going to try to look forward to when she comes; and when I have that down feeling, just keep reminding myself that it’s just my crazy hormones playing with me.



15 thoughts on “The one with 4 weeks to go

    1. Everything… like not just baby stuff. I’ve been bursting into tears over absolutely nothing lately, and just feel depressed. I guess luckily I can still think rationally, so even as I’m feeling like that, I know it’s ridiculous and that I’m still truly happy about everything going on right now.


  1. Ignore those hormones!!! They’re telling you lies. Also, I totally overlooked the snowflake correlation with the shower. Now if we could only figure out her name…

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    1. Thanks Mand. I know they are, it just feels ridiculous.

      What’s really funny is that you’ve all said her name multiple times while trying to guess… But I’m still not telling until she’s here. It’s just more fun for me and Matt this way. Haha


  2. Hormones do suck! And it’s totally normal!! I had a huge meltdown right before T was born because I didn’t think I could do it. Which was stupid, cause I’d done it once, and she’s fine. For the most part (Kidding). Call me if you want to vent though, seriously! It’s all way harder than you imagine!!! And Skippette is…. well, Skippy will like it…. 🙂


    1. I don’t even need to vent about anything! Last night Matt came home from work, came over to me to give me a kiss and ask how I was feeling and I just burst into tears and said I needed a hug. Like huh? I mean, I have a cold, so I feel crappy in addition to the other pregnancy stuff, but come on. haha. And yeah, Skip came up with that name, lol.


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