The one with the glucose test

We had another ultrasound this week (26w5d).  If you remember, we have the world’s most stubborn baby and the technician couldn’t get all the measurements she needed during the last two ultrasounds.  She was finally able to this time and everything is looking good.  She said baby girl weighs about 2 and 1/2 pounds.  Before one of the times she flipped around, we saw the whole length of her spine which was pretty cool.

I also had my glucose test at this appointment.  It was a tough day because of that, just food and comfort wise.  They had given me a list of “suggested” foods.  I eat very frequently during the day because it keeps the painful heartburn away mostly.  This list wanted me to have one egg, toast (no jelly, and butter gives me heartburn, so… dry), cold unsweetened cereal (no thanks, I need sugar if the cereal is unsweetened), and coffee (don’t like coffee).  So I had a scrambled egg on a piece of dry toast.  It gave me heartburn by the time I got to work.  Normally, I’d have a yogurt, or a fruit cup (the kind in juice that you pack in kid’s lunches) pretty soon after I get to work, but those have loads of sugar, so had to skip.  I wanted saltines to settle my stomach but was not supposed to have ‘white’ stuff (like pasta, or crackers, or rice, etc).  It was so bad that I did try to cheat a little.  I had a couple of saltines leftover in my lunch bag… all broken up, maybe 5 in total.  But it did settle me for a little bit.

For lunch, it said a garden salad (I have yet to keep a salad down while pregnant, so I skipped this), a sandwich (but no carbs? so no bread?), soup.  So I had a piece of chicken leftover from dinner the night before, and then later had some black bean soup.  Spacing these things out helped a bit… until it didn’t.  I threw up my lunch and ended up starving for the rest of the afternoon, but I was past the point of eating before the test, and anyway, I had no more acceptable food.  My other sure-fire heartburn helpers were off limits for the day [graham crackers and cream soda (no judgment please, sometimes it’s the only thing that keeps me from throwing up, and I get one that doesn’t have all the extra stuff soda usually has, it’s basically carbonated water, vanilla, and sugar)].

I had read online that the glucose test drink is super gross, so I wasn’t looking forward to it, but every once in a while, someone said ‘it’s not so bad, it basically tastes like flat soda,’ which I agree with.  I didn’t have a choice, all they had was orange, but it wasn’t too bad.  Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t want another sip by the time I got half way through, but it wasn’t torture.

When I went back into the lab for the blood draw, I made a little squeak when the guy pulled the needle out and he apologized.  I told him oh, don’t worry, I got pretty used to blood draws every other day when we had to do IVF.  So he asked oh are you an IVF success story?  So I told him yes and he congratulated me and told me that he and his wife have done it multiple times, they’ve been trying for 5 years, they had a cycle coming up in a month or two.  I felt guilty right away because even though we had to do IVF, I feel like it was so easy for us.  I told him I was sorry, that it’s such a hard thing to go through.  I also said that I know we were lucky because even though we had to do IVF, I know that what we went through is just a drop in the bucket compared to a lot of other people (not that he knows how quickly it worked for us).  I don’t know if this was the right thing to say.  I guess I was just trying to empathize and acknowledge that multiple attempts over 5 years is A LOT to go through and I felt for him.  He congratulated me and wished me luck with my pregnancy and I thanked him and wished him luck with their upcoming IVF attempt.  Then I went back to my Dr office, where DH was waiting, and cried as I told him about the exchange.

To completely change the subject, I’m feeling really excited lately.  We have ordered new flooring for our living room and the 2 bedrooms.  Once that comes in, my FIL will be helping DH install it (or, more accurately, DH will be assisting FIL).  The planning is underway for my baby shower, which I realized is essentially the last major party where I am the guest of honor, so I’m really looking forward to it, as I kind of love big parties for me!  haha.  I also booked a newborn photographer.  I was a little torn about spending so much money, but I found one whose images I adore, and she has a package deal for doing newborn, a 4m session, 8m, and 1y.  And it’s not really that much more than a lot of the ones I was looking at charge for just the newborn session alone.  I wasn’t planning on doing maternity pictures because I feel like I look extra big in pictures, and it’s winter, but she offered those at half off if booked at the same time, and she has some winter shots on her website that completely changed my perspective.  So I’m really excited to do those, and then obviously for the baby ones, once she comes.

We’re planning on cleaning out the baby’s room this weekend so that I can paint it (and then the floors will be done soon), so wish me luck!  It’s been sort of a dumping ground for things without “a place” in the house for a while… I’m not the only one who has an area of the house like that, right?




8 thoughts on “The one with the glucose test

  1. oh yeah we have lots of areas in our house where we end up leaving things which we haven’t gotten around to dealing with or finding a place for yet! It’s on my to do list to organize things but never get around to it. I’m sorry to hear the story of the guy whose been trying for five years with his wife with multiple IVF fails. I’ve been trying three years and that already feels like forever! Anyway that’s great that you have the newborn and maternity shoot booked, will be lovely to have those pictures! I’m sure the baby’s room will look great too once it’s finished, be sure to post some pics! 🙂


  2. For the Heartburn, try Zantac 150. I had tried every natural remedy under the sun and my doctor finally convinced me to just take Zantac. It was a total game changer. I take one every other day and have no heartburn! I wish I would have given in sooner.

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  3. You are definitely NOT the only one with a place like that in house! That’s totally what our office has been/ kinda still is… although a little recent cleaning project I embarked on was to slowly start clearing it out and organizing, in hopes that some baby furniture can hopefully find a new home in there… sooner rather than later. But I swear, I haven’t seen parts of the carpet in there for almost 2 years! Yikes!… Slowly working on that.

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