The one where I actually say the sex

This post will contain pictures from our mini gender reveal party and a sweet pregnancy moment.  You may or may not want to continue reading.

So we decided to have over pretty much just our immediate families for a mini little gender reveal party.  We thought it would just be a fun way to tell them, and also, I love decorating for a party.  I had Friday off so I cooked and decorated everything so I wouldn’t have much to do on Saturday so I wouldn’t stress.  I did have to make the frosting for the cupcakes on Saturday and frost them.  So I’m standing at my mixer and I tell DH that the baby is kicking a lot.  He has tried to feel it while we’re laying in bed, but has yet to be able to.  I don’t know if it’s the position because I’m laying down and the baby isn’t as pressed up to the front of my belly or what.  But I’m standing there and he puts his hands on my belly and waits.  I’ve told him I’m not going to tell him when because then he’ll think he felt it even if he didn’t really.  So he’s standing there, and his face is turned away from me.  And there was a decent sized kick.  His face whipped around with this look of amazement and he said “right there!” and I told him it was and started crying.  It was just the coolest thing to see him feel it finally.

For the actual reveal, we had everyone spray silly string at the same time.  When it came out, they would all see what color it was and know the sex of the baby.

I decorated with blue mason jars with pink carnations; my kitchen curtains are already pink, so I pinned blue tissue paper poms that I made; I put my silverware in blue mason jars next to pink napkins; we put out blue and pink glow sticks and kids bead necklaces; and I had a little display of our embryo picture and ultrasound pictures.

Also, have I ever mentioned that I know Santa Claus?  He came and we took baby’s first picture with Santa (in a way), along with my best friend’s son who wanted to be in it with us!img_0988

And here’s our picture after the silly string was sprayed:img_0994

Kind of a crappy picture, but you can see some bits of pink silly string on us.  It’s a girl!


I’m sure this will be my last post before Christmas, so Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone!  I know it can be a hard time of year, I’ve been there, I’ll be thinking of you all, no matter what stage you’re at! xoxo




16 thoughts on “The one where I actually say the sex

  1. So (as I’m sure you may have noticed, I’ve been on a hiatus from blogging lately), but I’m now just catching up on all of your posts from the past couple of months and I just HAD to comment on this one!!! I am sooooo extremely HAPPY for you guys! And congratulations on your precious little girl. When I read the last part of this post and saw the silly string picture, I literally started crying… What an amazing moment for you guys to be able to share with your family, after all that you’ve been through. And what a true blessing! My heart is literally bursting with happiness for you guys 🙂

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