The one with the gender (sort of)

We had another ultrasound yesterday.  You may remember that we had one 4 weeks ago but the baby was so uncooperative, the US tech couldn’t get hardly any of the measurements she needed to, let alone tell us the sex.

This one went a little differently.  For starters, my youngest sister had jokingly told me I had to pull her aside before our mini little gender reveal party and tell her first since she wasn’t first to know I was pregnant (as I had always promised her… circumstances got in the way when it actually happened).  I told her no way.  But, it snowed yesterday morning and her college classes were cancelled.  So we picked her up on our way to the appointment and she got to actually see for herself which was really fun.

They had told me last time to eat a good breakfast and have orange juice before the appointment to get the baby moving.  So I did, and I was bouncing around the empty waiting room, trying to keep the baby moving so we’d be able to move it around easier if we needed to.  Totally freaks my husband out, he doesn’t grasp just how surrounded and safe the baby is tucked in there.

I laid down and the US tech started looking around.  She asked us if we wanted to know.  When we all exclaimed yes! she said well, take a look.  The baby was sitting there, as if it was getting a diaper change.  She pointed out the legs, wide open, and then the rest.  She said it was 80%, but I know that’s just because they *can’t* say for sure.  We’re sure.  It was plain as day.  If it turns out to be the other, I will be seriously shocked and confused.

So this is where the “sort of” part of the title comes in… A few family members now read my blog.  So I can’t say what it is quite yet.  We’re seeing them all on Saturday for our little reveal, and then I can.  Sorry!!

Soon after the baby revealed itself, it changed positions.  The tech was able to get a bunch of measurements she needed, but then couldn’t get the rest.  So she’s bringing us back in for another in another 4 weeks.  I told her it was no problem with us because we obviously want to see the baby as much as we can.  She warned us that we have a strong-willed, uncooperative child on our hands.  Which doesn’t really surprise me at all.

We did end up having a great day with my sister afterwards too.  We stopped at the dollar store and bought a ton of silly string (that’s how we’re doing our ‘reveal’) and some other fun party stuff, like blue and pink bead necklaces and glow sticks and stuff.  I got some new sale pj’s at Target because I only have one pair of pj pants left that fit and it seems that every time I put them on, I cough, or sneeze or throw up and end up peeing in them a little and have to change into shorts.  I keep my house pretty cool, so sometimes I just need a pair of pj pants!

I’ll post again after we tell our families this weekend.  Hope everyone is doing well and isn’t too stressed about the upcoming holidays!  xoxo


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