The one without the gender

We had an appointment this past Monday.  We were supposed to find out the gender.  Unfortunately, the baby was super uncooperative.  They have me coming back in for another ultrasound because the tech couldn’t even get all the measurements she needed.  For all we know, this baby could have no feet!  Totally hiding everything!  DH kept commenting on how big the baby’s head looked.  I know he just meant in comparison to when we last saw it at 9w5d (I was 18w5d at this appointment)… but I swear all his commenting was making my cervix hurt.  I finally had to tell him to hush up about it.  He found it quite funny.  In the follow up part with the Dr, in a different room, there was this plastic thing on the counter that had raised circles on it to show the different cervix measurements.  Normal up to 10cm.  So of course he started going on about that.  I told him if he kept going, I was putting the baby in him instead and he could deliver it.  He shut up even though I obviously had no follow through capabilities.  We were supposed to have our parents and sisters over this weekend to reveal the gender to them, but we obviously had to postpone.

Since I have no exciting gender news to share, I thought I’d share two other things from the time of my last post.

First, even though I shared the TTC mug exchange info, and was so excited to participate this year, I totally forgot to sign up until it was 2 weeks past the deadline.  I was pretty bummed about it and it came up (apparently more than once) with my sisters (or at least one of them).  I had a package show up at my door mysteriously and it turned out to be this mug!

I had no idea who it was from as there was no card or anything.  I thought maybe my neighbor had noticed my growing bump, but thought it unusual for her that she would bring it up without previous confirmation, or give it without a card…  One of my sisters suggested I check our security cameras, I hadn’t even thought of that!  Sure enough, that solved the mystery!img_0880

Another sister had come by to drop it off.  She wanted it to be anonymous, but I was too curious to not try and find out.  Oh well!  She said I had seemed really disappointed to have missed the exchange, so she got me a mug!  I love it, and I love that it kind of matches hers which was most likely on purpose.  I just recently got her a mug that says “does this ring make me look engaged?”

Secondly, I text my sisters almost every time I puke.  Partly to share the misery, and partly because on the occasions that I’m not home for it, it’s funny.  I’ve puked behind my supermarket twice now.  After one particularly funny time, one of my sisters decided to make me a bingo chart so that I could try to get a prize.  She said I should at least get a prize out of it if I have to do all this puking.  Since it generally happens on my way home from work, she mostly chose locations on my drive home.  I’m getting close to actually getting bingo!  She said she finally thought of a prize for me, so I’m excited to see.  Haha.  It’s much more exciting when I puke now, although more disappointing when I don’t hit a square.  Last week I was all disappointed because I made it home before I had to, but then later that night I had to again, and there’s a square for twice in one day, so it was exciting again!



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