the one with the boring doctor appointment

We had an appointment on Monday morning.  The nurse checked my weight and blood pressure and then we waited for the dr.  He came in and used the Doppler and we heard the heartbeat and that was it.  I think it would’ve been more exciting except that my cousin lent me her home Doppler, and so we’ve been listening to the heartbeat for a week now.  The one the doctor had was obviously a better quality one and so we could hear it clearer and louder, but essentially, it sounded the same.  So I guess we kind of ruined it for ourselves.  But whatev.

Morning sickness, or afternoon sickness, as I have, is in full swing.  I puke a lot.  But, as I’ve said before, I always puke, so it’s not that bad for me.  It’s not like I enjoy it obviously, but I much prefer it to my PIO shots.

This past weekend, DH and I went on our annual October weekend in Maine.  The restaurant I was looking forward to going to on Friday night when we got there had already closed for the season, so of course I was bored by our runner up.  Saturday we poked around antique and second hand shops looking for a dresser for the baby’s room.  I wanted a nice solid wood one that was the right height and big enough on top to serve as a changing table.  We found a few we liked that were already redone and painted, but they were too expensive for us.  Then we had some lunch at this cute place next door to our hotel, went back and took a nap and then went out looking again at a town about an hour away.  After we poked around that town for a bit, I wasn’t feeling very well.  I took over driving, hoping that would ease the feeling a little.  But I ended up pulling over and puking in some bushes.  Fun fun fun.  DH found an old water bottle in the back of the car that I could rinse with.  Then when he was looking for napkins in my glovebox, he found the little bag I threw in there after my last dentist appointment.  Toothbrush and toothpaste!  Yay!  Unfortunately, I didn’t have spare underwear and leggings in the car…

We decided to find the local target since I could use another pair of maternity leggings anyway.  Before we found that though, I spotted an Old Navy, so I pulled up and sent DH inside to find out if they carried any maternity in-store.  They did, and lucky me, I got to park in “expectant mothers only” parking for the first time!  🙂  I was pretty excited.  It turned out there was a sale off your entire purchase, so I got a few other things I needed, and that DH needed.  It turned into one of those REALLY LUCKY shopping trips.  Especially since I could change out of my pee leggings after we got back to the car…

On our way home on Sunday, we stopped at one last second hand shop and found the dresser I’ve been picturing in my head for ages.  So it’s at home now, waiting to be stripped, sanded, and repainted for baby.  Just waiting until we know if it’s a boy or a girl because the colors in the baby’s room will be slightly different, depending.  I’ll share that project when I do it!

We’re hoping the baby cooperates and we find out at our next appointment, November 14th.



6 thoughts on “the one with the boring doctor appointment

  1. Oh my goodness. I was cracking up reading this entry. You poor thing. Throwing up and wetting your pants on vacation. This has frightened me so much! I’m only 5+3 and am peeing like a crazy person. It makes no sense! I have nothing pushing on my bladder right now. I know the PIO can cause frequent urination but I’m to the point of putting a pillow between my legs during the night so that I don’t have to go pee quite so much. How much worse will it be when the baby is actually big?

    Also, YAY! on finding the dresser. I can’t wait to see it.

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    1. Hahaha, Yeah, it was pretty funny happening, and has been even more funny telling the story!

      I was confused at the frequent peeing at first because I always assumed it had to do with the baby putting pressure on your bladder. But I guess in the beginning it’s actually that your body is producing more blood (to support baby and so that you can afford to “lose” so much during delivery), and when your organs process your blood, you pee. The need to go so frequently has definitely eased up for me. But of course now I have the forcefulness of puking to push out whatever might be in my bladder. But that’s an entirely different problem in my book.


  2. We were watching Big Bang the other night and Howard woke pregnant Bernadette up in the middle of the night. They talk and she goes back to sleep. DH called BS noting that if she were really pregnant she would have rolled out of bed to pee

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