The one where morning sickness starts at 12 weeks

I sort of felt like, after having to go through IVF, I had earned not having morning sickness.  Everything I read leading up to week 12 said that if you haven’t experienced morning sickness yet, it’s likely you dodged that bullet, it probably wouldn’t start.  So of course it did.  I’m 13w2d now and I can’t get rid of the pukey feeling.  And actually puking.  I eat every couple hours, even when I’m not hungry.  I eat small portions.  I avoid stuff that I know gives me heartburn.  I drink peppermint tea or lemon ginger tea.  I should buy stock in Saltines.  But I get this feeling every afternoon now.  And it frequently makes me puke.  I’ve thrown up at home a bunch of times, at work a couple times, and the other day on my way home from work, I stopped at my mother in law’s to puke at her house.  I prefer a clean toilet and a glass of water to doing it on the side of the road.


I’ve always been a person who throws up.  I do it when I get sick, I do it when I get migraines, I do it when I’ve eaten too much (don’t be concerned, it’s not an eating disorder thing, I think I just have a stomach that is bossy and says “yeah, sorry but that was way too much food, you’ve got to take some back”).  I always feel better after.  But it’s painful when it’s happening, what with the broken blood vessels in my face from force, the stomach clenching, oh and lets not forget the forcefulness of it that makes me pee a little!  I thought that was only supposed to happen when you sneeze hard, but nope!



She looks entirely too ok with the fact that this happens…

Anyway, hoping that stops soon and all the wonderful things they say about the second trimester are true!  More energy, increased sex drive, less peeing, better sleeping, etc.



3 thoughts on “The one where morning sickness starts at 12 weeks

  1. That sounds terrible. I already have peeing issues and I’m not even pregnant (yet, hopefully). Have you tried drinking a can of Coke? I know Coke is terrible for you but I know that some doctors say it helps with nausea. There’s a podcast called, “Expensive Science Baby” and the woman is pregnant with twins through IVF. Coke has really helped her out recently. I hope it goes away soon. Just remember how lucky you are to even have morning sickness. I hope I can join you soon. 🙂

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    1. Oh I know, I hope it didn’t come across hurtfully for you. I’m so grateful to be experiencing this crappy symptom. It’s just still crappy is all.

      Haha I had peeing issues before too! I thought it was something that happened after you had babies and things down there weren’t as strong anymore, but nope.

      Maybe I’ll try the Coke thing. I’ve thrown up with orange soda in my belly one time and ginger ale another time and it’s not pleasant, but if it helps, it helps.

      I hope you have luck soon too! Good luck!


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