The one with the first OB-GYN appointment

I had my first OB-GYN appointment.  Everything looks good and is measuring properly.

Even though I really like my actual Dr, I was disappointed by the level of care of the US tech we had.  It was certainly not on the level we were receiving at the clinic.  I think due to a miscommunication, I was expecting to hear the heartbeat.  So I was incredibly disappointed that she was just trying to view it on an US instead.  She also said we could not record a video of it with our phones.  Due to privacy laws.  Which I’m pretty sure the clinic has to abide by as well, and yet they just covered our names at the top and let us record away… This bothered me to no end.  And to be honest, it completely ruined the experience for me.  I didn’t feel excited when I saw the baby squirming away on the screen, I was just mad at the tech.  I’m so mad I don’t have it to look at again, over and over, like I do the first one, when all you can really see is the heartbeat, not a baby.  I’m mad I don’t have it to show our parents and sisters.

DH and I had both taken the day out of work for this appointment, we planned on having a fun day, going to lunch after the appointment.  But since my expectations were what they were, and I was so disappointed, it kind of ruined my day.  There were other factors, including the fact that the lab I went to after for blood and urine was gross (the bathroom… I’m not even going to get into it), the fact that I had had a headache for a whole day already and it was getting worse, and the fact that I needed food (but was unaware).  I’m someone who needs some time to work through those feelings before I can go back to being in a good mood.  I wish I was more like DH in that, it’s like he can flip a switch after being upset about something.  He just decides it’s over and to be happy again.

I was able to get to normal during lunch.  I told him why I was upset and he talked me down, I got some food in my stomach and I had a diet coke (I think a little caffeine helps my headaches sometimes).  I also gave DH his tshirt during lunch.  This was the shirt that I had always planned on giving him to “tell him” I was pregnant.  He saw fabric and thought it was going to be a onesie.  He was pretty happy that it was actually something for him, and that it was sort of a play on his other shirt (I talk about this here.)

After, we went to a park near where my grandparents lived before they passed, where my parents grew up.  We took a picture to use in our “announcement” cards (which I’ll show you once they get delivered-they are infertility sensitive).  Then we ran some random errands before heading home.  Not a terribly exciting way to spend the rest of the day, but we were together and not at work, so it was pretty good.



11 thoughts on “The one with the first OB-GYN appointment

    1. Eh, it’s ok. In the scheme of things, who cares, everything was good with baby and that’s what actually matters. I really appreciate your excitement, especially in light of what you’re going through. Seriously, if you knew how many times you crossed my mind, you’d think I was nuts. Haha. I’ll be thinking of extra hard tomorrow 💛💛💛

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      1. That is true! ❤ You know, I'll be honest, people on FB's (seemingly) easy pregnancies get to me, especially after several children, but any of my IVF friends who are pregnant I'm so psyched for. I know that's probably wrong but that's just how I feel. I appreciate your thoughts. ❤ xo

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  1. I had a similar experience with my first OB appointment. First off, somehow the new office assigned me as a “high risk” pregnancy to the midwife. I have serious misgivings about midwives after everything that happened leading me down this road of infertility (mainly me saying I had a lava pain and them ignoring it for 17 years telling me I was crazy… And then when I called them about the pain I was having before my MC again I was told I was crazy…) Well, I’m not crazy. And all my losses were labeled ectopic now and their negligence could have led to my death! I needed someone to listen so I could get the surgery I needed before my tubes got so screwed up I couldn’t conceive naturally!

    Anyways. The new midwife was also awful. And she abruptly blurted out the sex of the embryo we have in the freezer, which we didn’t want to know. She also gave us less then 10secs of the Heartbeat like “There is is. And done.” No ultrasound. Then she got my paperwork all messed up. She wanted to test my sugar early and told me to drink it slow but then told me to chug it because apparently I didn’t drink it fast enough when she didn’t tell me a time limit to begin with. Then she asked if I had CF screening and I was pretty sure I did with all my genetic screening but she started lecturing me about it. I said we would need to check before I paid double for the screening. After the appointment she didn’t call me back to say it didn’t look like I did until it was too late for CVS or amneo and then tried to blame it on my clinic for not responding to her (which I highly doubt… They were very responsive!).

    So. I went to front desk and said “Nope. I need a physician.” This past Monday I saw the new doc and she’s better. Much more sensitive. When I went to schedule my next appointment the Scheduler tried to give me back to the midwife. I was like “Hell no!” LoL

    In any event. Your not the only one. It’s hard to go from a very responsive clinic to a new less attentive practice. Sucks.

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    1. Oh my good God. Yeah, no. That whole experience is just too much. I would also avoid her at all costs. I actually have always really liked my dr and his staff. It was just this one woman I’ve never seen before (and hopefully won’t again).
      Sorry your totally sucked!!!


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