The one with the transfer during vacation

More family now knows about our doing IVF because they’re witnessing my husband inject me in the middle of the living room. Everybody has been great, they’ve asked questions and shown interest, and nobody has said anything inadvertently insensitive.

We had our frozen transfer this morning, so we had to drive back for it but it wasn’t too much further than if we were coming from home.  We told anyone who asked that the appointment was to check how my body was responding to the drugs to see if we had to make any adjustments or anything. We are obviously in good moods and excited that I’m now PUPO, so when we got back and people asked how it went, we just excitedly told them that everything looks good and the drugs are working, my body is doing what they want it to. And people were happy and and excited for us. Which was great. To me, it felt like we were celebrating the transfer, which is an exciting step.

I’ve been taking it easy for the day. We were on the beach for awhile. I went in the water a couple times. I brought my 4yo neice in the water, holding her, until my husband reminded me that she weighs more than my doctor-imposed-limit of 5 pounds. Oops. I just love holding her in the waves and I totally forgot. With a frozen, you’re not still recovering from a retrieval, so it’s easier to forget I think. A little while later, I was in farther with DH and my sister and her fiancé (who is my husband’s cousin) and got knocked around a little by a couple big waves. That made me a little nervous, so that was it for me.

Here’s hoping vacation is enough to distract me from my tww!!

PS. If anyone knows that you’re not supposed to be in the ocean or something, please don’t tell me. I’ll just stress. I’m on vacation. 😊


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