The one where I’m excited for PIO?

Ok, so I’m not actually excited to start that shot again, I’m dreading it completely.  But I’m excited at the same time for what it means.

I had blood and US this morning.  My lining was 9.3, and my follies were all still under 10mm, so I was feeling pretty confident.  After a morning that felt like it took about a week, waiting for the email to come in, I finally got it.  I’m supposed to continue with the Estradiol (orally and smurfy hoo-ha), start the antibiotic pill tonight and also start the PIO injections.  1 cc for tonight and tomorrow, then back up to 2cc’s after that.  Transfer is Monday at 10am!!so_excited_may_vomit_friends


I’m a teeny bit bummed that it didn’t work out to have the transfer before our vacation, so we wouldn’t lose beach time, but in the grand scheme, I want this a whole lot more than this vacation.

We’re going to a concert Friday night, it starts at 8 and I usually do my shots at 8:30.  So I called the venue to find out if they had a family bathroom where my husband could come in with me to administer, and also the logistics of getting a vial of progesterone and a syringe by security.  The only problem she foresaw was the fact that the vial isn’t like a prescription bottle, it doesn’t have my dr’s name and mine on it, it’s not clear that it is a prescription.  So I called the clinic to have a letter written up to bring with me.  The nurse said they could do it, but asked how off the timing would be.  When I told her that if I did it at home before we left, it would be about 2 hours early, she said it was totally and completely fine.  She said having one that little amount of time off would not matter at all.  So we’ll just do it then.  It’s obviously way easier than dealing with doing it at the concert!  I’ll do my smurfy hoo-ha pill when we get home and not worry about that timing either.

I’ve noticed this month that the Estradiol has made me more susceptible to crying.  At things that matter, and things that don’t (like a diaper commercial…).  And since I’ve doubled the dosage, I’ve been getting headaches, some ok-ish and some terrible.  I thought that when it was… ahem, non-oral… that it wasn’t supposed to affect you as much, since it doesn’t go through your system.  But my head begs to differ.

A piece of me is really scared about if this doesn’t work, what that might mean, and where we would go from there.  But mostly I’m just so ridiculously excited that the actual FET part of this FET cycle is here!


20 thoughts on “The one where I’m excited for PIO?

  1. I can’t imagine having to work that all out for the concert so it’s good you can do it before. 9.3 is an awesome lining! I’m so excited for you that it’s finally here. Stinks that you have to lose some beach time but you’re right, you’ll forget all about the time missed when you see two pink lines! All of my fingers are crossed for a smooth transfer, an awesome vacation and a positive test!

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  2. Good luck and hope all is going well at this point!! I’m definitely sending prayers your way!… And so excited for you to be starting this actual process again! Also glad that you were able to just take your shot early… I actually just had to shoot myself up with Menopur in a Starbucks bathroom the other day, so that was fun… Or a new low, depending on how you look at it! 🙂

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  3. things totally go through your body even if they go in your hoohah. i know this for a terrible reason (not concerning myself) that i refuse to mention here but ur free to ask me later lol


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