The one when I’m 6.3

I walked in to the clinic this morning. I saw the phlebotomist that does blood on Saturdays at my clinic. It’s the lady that gave me that huge bruise during the IVF cycle. Yay.
 I had the ultrasound first. I was happy to hear all my follicles were under 10mm. This reassured me that I hadn’t ovulated through the meds. My lining was only 6.3. I didn’t think this would be a problem because I figured they’d up the Estradiol and add PIO and it’d grow to where it’s supposed to be, no problem. 

I went for blood and when she introduced herself, I told her I’d actually had her before. I very nicely told her why I remembered her and we laughed about it and she said she’d use the butterfly needle on me and see if that helped. It’s been about 12 hours so far and I see no signs of a bruise so I think I’m good!  

After what seemed like an eternity, I got the email from the clinic.  Apparently, they want my lining at 7 before they’ll schedule me for transfer. I’m to continue to take the Estradiol 2mg twice a day orally. I’m to add another one, twice a day, up my hoo-ha. This should be so much fun.  I take my first pill right after the start of the work day.  So… That’s awesome.



10 thoughts on “The one when I’m 6.3

  1. Beware of the smurf vagina hahaha… I underestimated what people were talking about when taking the estrace vaginally… My tablets were blue and it was all I could do to keep positive at the time so we nicknamed my hooha ‘smurfette’


    1. Yeah mine are blue too. And they’re tiny. So I figured it wouldn’t be the grossness that I read about in the blogs with the pessaries. TMI coming: I put it up there and my finger already had blue on it by the time I was done. It starts “dissolving” a lot faster than I was expecting. I don’t think I’ll be able to do this at work… I’m going to have to call the clinic to ask about timing. Were you told anything about making sure it was 12 hours apart? I’m hoping I can do 530am so I can stay horizontal for like 45 mins, but I’m barely home by 530pm and I have to get dinner ready and stuff, so being able to do it a little later would be a lot easier to live around…


      1. Thank you so much for this comment and reply. I literally laughed out loud. OH MY GOODNESS I have not heard nor read of the smurf vagina. So happy I read this before I experience it. Thank you ladies for the chuckle.

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        1. BTW, I checked with my clinic and they weren’t concerned with my timing being a little off, so I do it at 530am, go back to sleep for awhile, I take it orally at 830am, I do the second smurf-y one whenever I’m done with dinner and stuff and can commit to laying down, which I can usually manage by 7pm-ish (oh no, I have to put off laundry and sweeping to lie down and watch tv…πŸ˜‰), then I take it orally at 830pm.


  2. I should have looked ahead to see if you posted again so ignore my last comment haha. I’ve had to wait another few days on more Estrace a couple times because my lining wasn’t thick enough. Never had to have a smurf hoo-ha as of yet but good luck! The things we never thought we would have to do amaze me at times. Hopefully it’s not a long stretch before transfer. The hardest part comes after transfer: waiting for test results. I’ll continue to think thick for you over the next few days!!

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    1. Haha. I saw your other comment and I thought “she reads in order like me” haha. Yeah the smurf thing is a little weird. But it’s not so bad. It mostly gets absorbed. It is definitely weird the stuff we have to do! And yeah, I’m not looking forward to the 2ww. With my fresh transfer, I found the first week not so bad, I guess I was still excited from having it done. But the second half was torture, waiting to get to beta day.

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