The one where I think thick

I have an appointment for blood and ultrasound tomorrow morning at an hour that no one wants to rise at on a Saturday. The blood is to confirm I haven’t ovulated and the US is to make sure my endometrial lining is thick enough to support an embryo. I’m praying all systems are go and I’ll be scheduled for a transfer on Thursday. 

Does anyone else find it strange that during IVF stuff, you are actively preventing pregnancy, while simultaneously trying to achieve it?  I called the clinic today to find out the time of day they schedule FETs (so DH could plan for work) and also ask if/when we should abstain from sex.  She laughed and told me I was the second person today who seemed to be planning for the weekend… Haha. She said we could but that we had to use protection. I get the reasons behind it, but I find it so odd, between that, and being on BC while you’re leading up to a cycle… Whatev, I’ll do whatever they say if they can impregnate me!
I quote Friends in every day life and I’m glad there’s a couple different story lines that give me material while I’m dealing with infertility.  I’ll leave you with another one I get to say to DH a lot… 


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