The one with no news


The WTF appointment was back on 6/13.  Dr. V is still very positive about our chances.  She said that at the time of our fresh transfer, they used the best one, but between then and when they actually froze them, one (or maybe 2?) actually pulled ahead and was now a better grade than the one we transferred.  So I’m very hopeful for our little frosties.  We signed a bunch of consent forms to start the FET cycle.  And found that our clinic will do assisted hatching if necessary.  From what I’ve read, it seems like that isn’t always a given, so I was glad to find that out.  There’s no real reason our transfer didn’t work.  It just didn’t stick.

Still waiting to hear back about insurance approval for the FET.  Apparently they don’t submit it until after the WTF appointment, so that waited about a week longer than I thought.  The BC pack runs into sugar pills on Tuesday, and I’m hoping not to have to start a new pack.  I’m a planner.  I’m a bit of a control freak.  In case you hadn’t figured that out yet… I mean it’s kind of given away in the name of the blog.  I was thinking if an FET cycle sort of resembles my regular IVF cycle, I’d be done BC on Tuesday, then go for the first US and blood on Friday, I’d trigger ovulation on the 11th of July (I’m literally following along with the IVF cycle here).  Ovulation would be 7/13 (where egg retrieval fell in IVF), and FET would be 7/18 (where I had the fresh in IVF).  This is what I want because the timing is so perfect.  We go on vacation 7/23 and I would have that to take my mind off of the second half of TWW where it gets really hard.  I’m thinking positively about it, but if I were to get a negative, I’d be right near my favorite mojitos and be able to drown my sorrows.  😉

If insurance takes too long, the actual FET might fall during vacation and it’d suck to lose a beach day to travel to the clinic and back.  I suppose I could do my “bed rest”  for the rest of the day on the beach, which would be ok.

We’ve had a fun couple weeks not worrying about anything fertility related.  DH and my sisters did a Tough Mudder race last weekend.  I’m not really into being sweaty or dirty, so I went along as “team mom.”  They even made me a t-shirt with their team name and my ‘name’ “tough mother”.  I carried a back pack with snacks and stuff, and met them at different obstacles and force-fed them protein bars and stuff because they wouldn’t see me for another 4 miles.  Haha.  It was a fun weekend.

My 33rd birthday was also last week and DH took me to a very nice restaurant we’ve been wanting to try.  But it’s the kind of place you save for a special occasion.  He also surprised me by having some family there to celebrate as well.  It was a fun, really yummy night!

So that’s it, nothing really going on.  Here’s hoping we hear from insurance very soon!


10 thoughts on “The one with no news

  1. Aw Happy Birthday from last week! Hoping you hear back soon. Waiting really is the hardest part and there seems to be a lot of it in this process. I love that you look for positives even if you don’t see a positive test. Mojitos are the best summer drink! I will cross my fingers that you will not be allowed to drink them for great reasons!

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    1. Thanks! I never have felt so positive, I tend to complain a lot I feel like. But when I spell out my thoughts/feelings here, people are always pointing out how positive I’m being. I feel like it’s helping me continue to be positive. Thank you so much for that! And as much as I’d love to drink mojitos all vacation long, I really hope to not be allowed too! 😘

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    1. Thanks! We went to the one at Mt. Snow in VT. They did it last year too. When they all signed up, we were maybe 3 months into trying for baby and I decided to be team mom because I figured I’d be pregnant by the time it rolled around in June (6 months into trying). So naïve. Haha. This time I was team mom because I might actually be pregnant since we were undergoing treatment, and also, I saw what they had to do last year and I was all set! haha.


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