The one where I’m 4dp5dt

The cramping has stopped and I feel completely normal.  Which is normal I think.

The PIO shots still suck.  You know that feeling when you bump into a bruise?  It feels like that almost all the time.  Even when nothing is touching it.  Luckily it doesn’t hurt worse when there is pressure on it.  So it’s fine for DH to rub it, or if I lay down.  Sometimes I can’t feel it very much when we actually do the injection and other times the needle really pinches going in and I can feel all the oil going in.  Sometimes there’s no bleeding and other times it bleeds quite a bit. FullSizeRenderThank God for my husband.  I don’t know how people do these ass ones by themselves!a7396b637c12b172aa24d650c17b82e7

I wasn’t planning on POAS before the beta.  Mainly because it’s a waste of money… I mean, it’s a pregnancy test at the Dr’s, why would I pay for one to do at home a couple of days before?  But my reasoning is wavering on me…  Why would I pay for one a couple days before?  Because the wait until Thursday is excruciating, that’s why!  4 days down, 6 to go!

Happy long weekend!


4 thoughts on “The one where I’m 4dp5dt

  1. Haha! Yep the wait is an absolute killer!!!! Sorry you’ve got a sore butt hehe…unfortunately there isn’t anything fun about IVF but I really hope it’s 100% worth it for you guys!!! You are doing great X

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