The one where every shot is ginormous and I cry

Remember how the trigger shot needle was giant and scary?  I get that every night now. Yay!  The night of the retrieval, I started Estrace and an antibiotic. Both pills.  Then Thursday and Friday night I had to take 1cc of the progesterone. It’s in sesame oil. It is a struggle to pull it into the syringe. It doesn’t look really thick, but drawing it up, you can definitely feel the difference between that and the water-like substance of the Menopur or Cetrotide.
The first night I started sobbing before DH even did it. I was just scared it was going to be awful. But it was scarier than it was actually painful. I mean, it wasn’t great or anything, I could definitely feel it, but it wasn’t as bad as I feared. As usual, I checked ahead of time for tips and I think they’re worth doing. After I draw up the oil, I set the syringe on my warm heating pad thing. I read this keeps the oil thin for easier injecting.  If you’ve ever put oil in a hot pan, you know this makes total sense. Then I ice the area for a few minutes. But not too long because I read that if the muscle is too cold, the oil will thicken up as it cools when you inject it. Which makes sense in my head even if it’s not actually true. DH injects it really slowly and then rubs the area with an open palm. Then I sit with a heating pad.
Even though there’s no bruise, it feels bruised.  It hurts if I plop down on the couch too hard on the spot. I cried a little the second night before the injection. DH laughed at me and reminded me that it wasn’t bad the night before even though I was scared about it. 
Yesterday was DH’s cousin’s graduation lunch. We had fun at the restaurant and then everyone came back to our house for cake. I wore these cropped jeans with cute heels and a black t-shirt. Only I’m still so bloated and uncomfortable that I couldn’t button my pants. Luckily my friend J has already given me a box of her maternity clothes. In it was a black belly band. It looks like a tube top, but you wear it around your unbuttoned pants. It holds in the tops of the pants so that people can’t see that you’re unbuttoned.  Shh don’t tell. Soon after everyone left it was time to do the injection. I’m up to 2cc now. It’s sooo much! I swear I can feel it all under the skin. But I don’t think it’s really like that.
Today I’m just hanging around basically. I’m anxious for transfer day tomorrow. I’m praying all 14 of our embabies are growing nicely in their little incubator at the clinic.  My sister just dropped by unexpectedly and the other is coming a little later to run a couple errands and watch a movie.  So that should be a nice little distraction. I’m making a chicken pot pie today. So all I’ll have to do tomorrow is stick it in the oven. 
Wish me luck for a smooth transfer tomorrow!


18 thoughts on “The one where every shot is ginormous and I cry

  1. PIO is the WORST! My backside is so bruised and lumpy right now it’s just the worst. But I do the heating pad trick you do as well and it helps- I give myself the shots every night since hubby works late.
    You’re doing amazinnnnnng and I know transfer is going to go perfectly! Rest and relax tomorrow! Good luck! xxx

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  2. Best wishes for a successful transfer tomorrow!!! The PIO shots are the worst! I agree warming it up helps. For the PIO shots, did they give you the 18 gauge needles to draw it up with? Our first round we used the 22 to both draw up and inject and it was so much slower. Now we do 18 to draw up then switch needle to 22 to inject it.


    1. Thanks! No, my syringes have 22guage 1 1/2 inch needles already on it, I switch to a new one the same size to inject. The only other needles I have are the 30 gauge 1/2 inch ones for the menopur and cetrotide.


  3. Boo, PIO… but like you, I was a lot more worried about it than it really warranted, in the end. I was under the impression that the gigantic drawing-up needle was the same harpoon that would be thrown like a dart into my hip, so that didn’t help, but they gave me smaller needles to actually inject with. With my first shot, I was relieved and just fine – it was my husband who was incredibly disturbed by the experience. Now, he’s a pro!

    Sounds ironic, of course, but I hope you have to do them for about six more weeks (or however long your clinic has you keep doing them after a positive pregnancy test) 🙂 I’m almost done, just four more days… can’t WAIT to stop!

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  4. Wow transfer day is almost here! So excited for you! I’m sorry the PIO is causing some grief. It sounds like you’re going to be a pro at them in no time. HUGE hugs and good luck for tomorrow!!

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      1. Oh my goodness YAY! Everything is crossed for you! I know what you mean about PUPO. I never felt it until I saw a second pink line. Congrats on a successful transfer day!

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