The one with the trigger shot


The process of mixing the trigger shot was the same as the Menopur.  But the little vials that I pulled out of the box weren’t so little.  They were much bigger than the Menopur ones and I got nervous about it being such a big injection.  But I read through and it was only 1cc of liquid.  Which was about the same.  So I guess there was just more powder to mix into the same amount of liquid.  So I have the giant needle on to do the mixing.  Then I read which needle to put on to actually inject.  It’s not the small thin needles like all my other injections.  It’s the exact same needle as the mixing one, just a fresh new one.  It’s so thick and long (sorry, that sounds dirty… I swear I mean the needle).IMG_0305

I got really scared about the length of that going into my arm.  I really considered that we might hit bone or something.  I asked DH if he thought it might be a typo and we should use the shorter, thinner needle.  He said it wouldn’t go into my muscle if we used a different one, and reassured me that I would be fine.  We iced my arm for a while, found the right spot and I just sat tensely, clenching my jaw, but trying not to clench my arm.  I tried to just picture being pregnant and holding a newborn.  DH stuck the needle in, which I honestly didn’t feel go in, and started pushing the plunger.  I got this weird feeling in my muscle, but it was probably 6 inches lower than the injection.  It was painful, but I can’t even describe how.  It was just weird.  After, the injection site didn’t hurt (and still doesn’t this morning), but the strange feeling stayed.  I had DH sort of massage my arm for about 15 minutes.  Not too hard, but not just stroking it either.  It really helped a lot.  I can still feel the place in my arm that was sore.  It’s not as bad as last night though.  Today it sort of feels like when you hold your phone up to your ear on your whole way home, or you hold a sleeping baby too long.  It’s like the muscle is sore from staying flexed in one position for too long.

So that was it.  Now I just have to get through the work day.  I have a pedicure tonight, so that’ll be a nice distraction.  I’m trying to figure out if I can cook around that tonight so that I have something already done for tomorrow.  We’ve had entirely too much take-out in the last week because I haven’t had the energy or motivation to cook.  I’m not supposed to eat or drink anything from midnight tonight until after the ER tomorrow.  It’s not really an issue for me because I don’t drink coffee and I often skip breakfast.  So I won’t really be missing anything.  But I’m sure I’ll be wanting something when we get home.

Good luck to any of us that are dealing with any part of our journey this week!


8 thoughts on “The one with the trigger shot

  1. Great job pulling the trigger! Yikes that was not a small needle. You did way better than I would have with that one. It’s amazing what we put ourselves through for this journey and even more amazing to find out what we are capable of. Best of luck tomorrow!

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