The one with the nasty bruise

I had that blood work and ultrasound bright and early Saturday morning.  I treated myself with Starbucks after.  The woman who takes blood on Saturday mornings doesn’t have the magic touch that the regular woman apparently has.  I have a nasty bruise.


It’s my first real one of this IVF cycle.  Of all the injections my husband has given me, I only have a couple small really light purple spots, no bigger than a dime.  This one is ugly.  Later on Saturday, I was instructed to decrease the Gonal-F, and to remain the same on the Menopur and Cetrotide for Saturday night and Sunday night and go back for more blood and US on Monday morning (today).

Saturday wasn’t the greatest day.  I was a little crazy.  I’m blaming the hormones.  DH and I bickered.  Including one gem of an incident when I yelled at him for throwing the laundry basket down because I don’t want it to break and then have to spend money on a new one.  In the next minute, he dropped it to the floor and I burst into tears crying out loud “I just asked you not to do that.”  The crying happened a few more times (he was really driving me crazy), but they stopped and were forgotten pretty quickly.

Saturday night my youngest sister was coming for a sleepover, so DH went to his sister’s to have a sleepover with our nephew and niece.  She showed up just in time to do my shots for me.  She didn’t even know we had started injections.  I explained what she had to do and told her she had to understand before she started because I needed to focus elsewhere while she was doing them and couldn’t answer questions.  Haha.  She was totally fine but felt really bad when they stung.  I told her it wasn’t her, the meds just sting.

I’ve been using an aromatherapy mix of oils for the headaches.  And I have this weird ‘full’ feeling in my belly from my enlarged ovaries.  I’ve been using a warm heating pad that’s shaped like an eye mask (because it’s for my migraines) to soothe them.

I only have a little bit of Gonal-F left, and one dose of Cetrotide.  I took my last dose of Menopur last night.  So after my US this morning, I called my care team and left a message saying “I don’t want to rush you guys, but if I’m going to need to take more meds tonight, I’m going to need to have the pharmacy do same day delivery.  So if someone could look at my file as early as possible…”.  I got a call back from the nurse saying that they didn’t have my blood results back yet, but Dr. V had looked at my ultrasound and not to worry about ordering more meds because the instructions I’d be getting this afternoon would say to take the trigger shot!!

I finally just got the instructions and sent my husband this: 10899554_1583860038517281_796620061_nMy instructions are to take the shot at 9:30pm tonight, in the arm.  I thought it was going to be an ass shot, but I guess not.  We are to report to the clinic at 8:45am on Wednesday for Egg Retrieval.  I’m so excited and nervous I may go throw up in my work bathroom now.  Please excuse me…


10 thoughts on “The one with the nasty bruise

  1. omg that bruise!!!!! It’s so funny how we know who takes blood well. I actually told the lady I like that I get so happy when I see her there – when she takes blood I literally don’t feel a thing. The other lady that does it- oh man it’s so painful and leaves a small bruise each time.


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