The one when I get my meds delivered

So Tuesday morning I was feeling pretty confident.  I hit my weight goal on my home scale.  I carefully picked out a dress to wear that I thought weighed less than a pants & shirt combo.  I wore my strength bracelet and my tiny little elephant earrings, but no other jewelry to weigh me down!  I weighed myself again and it added a pound and a half.  Which put me over what I needed to be.  But the scale they put me on in the office last time weighed me as 3-4 pounds less than my home scale.  So I figured I had a little buffer.  Then I started wondering if I would be put on a different one this time, or the nurse weighing me would scrutinize it more, or be less careful, or whatever else could make them think I hadn’t hit the goal.  Turns out my worrying was for nothing (isn’t it always?), as she had me at 3 pounds less than my goal.

I texted my cousin who works at the fertility pharmacy to let her know I passed and to ship all my meds.  Later that afternoon, I got a message in the clinic’s patient portal telling me to come in on Friday morning for blood and an US.

When I got home from work, the meds had come, DH had put some away in the fridge and laid out the rest on the table.  While dinner was cooking, I sat down to go through it with the invoice to make sure everything was correct.



I thought having to go through all that stuff, and having to look at alllll those needles, deserved a few pre-dinner Oreos.  This was really the first time that I have felt anxious about the injections themselves.  I’ve been nervous and anxious thinking about the whole process, but the thought of shots hasn’t really bothered me.  Until I saw how many needles I got.  I know some of them are for mixing the meds, but it’s still a daunting sight.

After verifying everything and eating dinner, we sat down for a nice relaxing night of watching tv… Actually, it wasn’t relaxing.  It was a little nerve-wracking.  We watched our pharmacy’s videos on how to mix the meds, and give yourself the shots, and how to use the pre-loaded Gonal-F injection pen, and what to do if there’s an air bubble, and where to do the shot (I read a good tip.  Picture a spot on your belly like a clock and inject at a different hour each time so you’re not using the same spot over and over and it’s not random so you can keep track).

So.  Tomorrow I go in for the blood and US.  Then DH and I are taking half days from work.  We’re driving an hour and a half to go to Tia’s (that place with the fabulous mojitos I mentioned a few weeks ago).  They open for the season tomorrow.  And I’ll likely be starting injections tomorrow night, and not be allowed to drink.  I mean, if that’s not fate, I don’t know what is.  We’re going for happy hour when my mojitos are half price.  I plan on drinking enough of them to last me through the summer.  Don’t worry, I checked with the clinic to make sure I could drink earlier in the day of when I start injections.  I wonder if I should’ve traded the words “a few drinks” for “completely sloshed”?

We also have been putting together “IVF Survival Kits” for each other, and plan to exchange them tomorrow night when we get home.  I’ll be sharing those with you guys as well.  I don’t remember where I first saw the idea for one, but I thought it’d be nice to do.

I’ll update soon, either Saturday morning or Sunday morning, depending on when I start shots.  Wish me luck!


6 thoughts on “The one when I get my meds delivered

    1. Thanks! I hope so. I’m a ball of nerves today. I haven’t gotten the message from the clinic when to start yet, but they said it would either be tonight or tomorrow. So I’m just anticipating tonight.


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