The one with the Approval

I’ve had an exciting few days.  I got a phone call from an unknown number while I was at work on Friday.  It was the fertility pharmacy calling to set everything up because Dr. V had called in the prescriptions for our IVF cycle.  I hadn’t heard whether our insurance had approved IVF for us yet, so I just assumed they were just preparing so that everything would be in place for when (fingers crossed) we got the go ahead from them.

As it turns out, my cousin works at this pharmacy.  Since we haven’t told anyone really except for our immediate families, I was sort of nervous that she’d see my name come across her desk and it would get out.  I know there are laws about revealing information, I wasn’t worried that she’s unethical in any way, just that she’d maybe be excited for us and let something slip.  I decided to just text her and give her a heads up that we didn’t want anyone knowing until after we were safely pregnant.  She was SO excited for us, and assured me that she would never say anything without checking with me first.

She looked my file right up and assured me that I have the best insurance possible for this stuff.  I told her how I was worried that certain meds wouldn’t be covered,  or that the copays would be astronomical.  She told me she’d get me a total by the end of the night and to let her know if I had any problems with insurance or anything because that’s what she deals with at work.  Which gave me an idea.  Wouldn’t it be great to just have her be my contact person and not have to even deal with anyone else?  I’d have my own inside-man.  I’d know I wasn’t getting any kind of run-around, and I could ask whatever I needed to because she’s my cousin and she’d be understanding with me instead of thinking I’m that annoying patient that needs to hear something 3 times ‘just to be sure.’  I asked and she said she’d LOVE to!  haha.  She gave me the total of my co-pays about an hour later and I was very happy and relieved.  Then she called on Sunday to get my credit card info on file and discuss shipment.  I have a weight check a week from tomorrow, and as long as I pass that, I’ll call her and she’ll arrange shipment.

On Sunday afternoon, on a whim, because of all this, I decided to check my patient portal at the clinic to see if there was any info, since they had called in the meds.  There was an email saying that insurance has approved our IVF cycle!  Had I been checking, I would’ve seen that before getting the call from the pharmacy.  They did things in order, I just found out out-of-order!  The email said that I was to come in for my weight check on 5/3, if I pass, then I’ll take my last BC that day, and return for blood work and an US on 5/6, and receive instructions that afternoon about the meds (cue the pressure to lose the last few pounds! I have 8 days and 4 pounds left).

I texted a screenshot of the email to DH, who was gone for the day at the racetrack with his cousins.  He texted back that he was so excited and that it made him tear up.  I just can’t believe we’re starting.  I’m crazy nervous.  I’m scared it won’t work.  Even though I actually feel like it will.  I guess just because, as far as we know, the only issue is the sperm.  We feel like, since we’re doing ICSI, there’s really no reason why it won’t work on the first try  (I know, I know.  If it doesn’t work, I’ll be posting that ecard that says “Oh you thought IVF would work on the first try?  That’s so cute”  I almost feel dumb for feeling so positive about it).  It’s really weird being so sure it will work, but so scared it won’t all at the same time.e343eb65daf31a2d3922653d727bba51

I told my mom the good news but fudged on the timing.  I want a chance to be a little farther along before we tell people, even our immediate family.  So many of my fellow bloggers have lost their little nuggets in the last few weeks.  It’s broken my heart for them, and made me feel a lot more cautious about revealing anything too soon.  It’s not that I would hide a MC, I guess for some reason, I would just rather reveal a MC, than tell them I’m PG, and then have to tell them I’ve MC’ed a week later or something.  I feel like, for me, the former would be the lesser of the evils.  So I’m hoping to keep them a few weeks behind where we actually are in the process.  I did say I’d be starting medication soon that ‘prepares’ your cycle for the Dr.s to mess around with it.  That way I have an excuse for side effects.  We’ll see how it goes.

Other than that, I essentially did laundry all weekend 😉



12 thoughts on “The one with the Approval

  1. Oh this is great news! And please, continue to be positive! You are not being dumb or foolish or naive because this is very exciting! It can definitely work on the first try so I think go ahead and believe it, you just never know in this crazy world and I sincerely hope you are one of the lucky ones! Know that there can be delays though, because when you are all ready to go for it they can be disappointing. The stimming phase can be a bit of trial and error before they get it exactly right. If anything bad ever happens know that we’ll be here to pick you up. In the mean time be positive & excited. Xxx


    1. Thank you so much for your encouraging words. I don’t know if I’d have it in me so soon after what you’ve just been through! ❤ I do know from reading everybody's blogs that the drugs are all pretty much guess work until they see what works for you, so in a way, I'm prepared for that to happen. I'd be devastated, but at least I wouldn't be blindsided. Because honestly, my Dr hasn't mentioned that part. She has said that not every grade A embryo will take and not to get discouraged, but I get the sense she likes to just go into everything assuming it'll work. And since I've done my own research, I'm good with that mindset. (Although it wouldn't be for everyone). So, positive thinking all around! (Including for you! Xoxo)

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    1. Thanks Dawn! I’m being reaaaalllly careful. I already drank 64 oz of water a day at work (and then a few glasses, but unmeasured, at home), but I upped it yesterday and hit 104oz. And I stopped on my way home to get tons of fruit and vegetables to have as snacks so that I’m never hungry and tempted for junk. We’re doing weight watchers, so I’m trying to bulk up on point-free foods. I’m feeling positive so far!

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  2. It’s ok to be feeling positive starting your first IVF, some people are lucky and it works for them first time! I am also trying to fudge the timing a little when I tell people as it’s so awkward when people start asking you whether it worked or not!

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  3. Great news!! So glad your insurance covered this. In the UK we don’t have that luxury, it’s not seen as an illness (mind baffles!). I can’t even get it on our NHS as I have a step-son, ahhhh how wrong? Anyhow, I know exactly how you’ll be feeling as we’re little IVF virgins but if you need to just vent you know where I am. I start injections on the 5th 🙂 Good luck, may the positivity continue xx


    1. Oh, I’ve learned some crazy things about the NHS by reading the blogs. It’s really terrible that so many people have to pay such ridiculous amounts of money for this. It’s mostly not covered in the US, only 14 states have mandated coverage, and I’ve heard a lot of those don’t actually all that much. I’m just lucky to work in a state with mandated coverage, and incredibly lucky that my particular plan covers so much! I think I’m starting injections on the 6th, so good luck to both of us!!

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  4. That’s such exciting news!! I’m so happy for you guys and totally rooting for you! It’s awesome that your positive going into this first round, nothing wrong with that! And you will totally rock getting rid of those last few pounds – keep going strong!! Sending you positive thoughts!! 💜

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