The one when we get the Green Light

We had another follow up appointment with Dr. V yesterday afternoon.  I was happy to have it in the afternoon, in case I was feeling emotional after and wouldn’t want to go back to work.  However, as it turns out, if you have to go to work before your appointment, you’re just too nervous, excited, and stressed out waiting for it, so it’s six in one, half dozen in the other.  Oh well.

I wore all my good luck stuff for the appointment.wp-1460652882272.jpeg

The anchor strength bracelet my husband gave me a few weeks ago, and he, I mean- the Easter Bunny, put the elephant earrings in my Easter basket after I told him elephants are a sign of good luck and maternity.

wp-1460652867876.jpegI got this great elephant scarf from Amazon for $8.99!  You can’t tell from the picture, but it’s really a great quality, I was surprised.  I think all my wishing worked because:

green light

Since I’m only 3 pounds away from where she needs me, she gave us the green light to start the process!!!!  I couldn’t believe it.  Even though I wanted to start as soon as humanly possible, she had said we would be starting around June, so I was shocked to actually get the go-ahead.  She joked “what’s wrong, you don’t want to start yet?”, and I told her of course I did, I just wasn’t expecting to start until June, and she joked again “well, we could always wait…”.  So she handed me a prescription for BC and explained the process.  It was all essentially what I’ve learned from all of you in Blog Land, so it was kind of nice to be able to follow along and understand just what she was talking about.

I started BC last night (it was CD3, so pretty good timing).  I’ll be on it for at least 14-21 days.  But I’m guessing it might run a little longer.  There are a couple things that need to happen in that time that could push me back a bit.  First, I need to continue to lose weight so that I’m able to actually continue.  I’d like to lose a few more than absolutely necessary (wouldn’t we all?) because I don’t always want to be right on the target and be worried about going slightly over and having to stop or something.  Plus I know from you guys that energy is going to be low during IVF and I’m guessing there will be a bit of takeout food that won’t be helping matters, and also the meds themselves can cause weight gain.  So I’d like to feel safe in how much I’ve lost.  Secondly, during this time, they will be submitting to my insurance for approval for IVF coverage.  And in my experience, insurance companies (even though I apparently have a great one) aren’t really on the same timeline as us infertiles.  What’s another week to wait for approval?  Umm, a week is like forever.

After that all gets sorted out, I’ll stop BC, and on CD2 I’ll have an US and start stims.  Sounds like I’ll be using a Gonal-F pen, and then add Menopur, and then add either Ganirelix or Cetrotide.  These come with refills in case I need to stimulate longer.  Then a trigger shot (Novarel, Pregnyl my sheet says…), progesterone in sesame oil (I read about progesterone in ethyl oleate, which is much thinner and therefore much more comfortable to be shot into your ass.  Dr. V said she actually preferred it because of that, but the insurance companies don’t cover it anymore because of a problem they had a couple years ago.  Pain in my ass, indeed!) and oral Estrace.  If anyone has any tips or tricks for any of these meds, please let me know (I’ll need time to ask my care team if I can follow the words of strangers on the internet! haha)

I have so much information to read through:20160414_102311.jpgThe first and second papers are actually packets, the first with 17 pages, the second with 6 pages.  Good thing my job is slow on Thursdays!  One thing I’m glad to have is the paper for my fertility pharmacy, which has videos online to show you (again and again and again) how to do the shots.  They also included online resources.  The nurse that was going over all the info with us said they recommend certain sites because they know we’re going to look online, but they want to ensure that we’re getting legitimate info.  I’m sure she wasn’t referring to Blog Land! 😉  I’ll include them here for anyone interested:

Is anyone else around the same time as me as far as starting stims?  I’d love to be able to support each other and compare notes.

The nurse actually asked me while going over everything if I felt ready to start.  I was still just sort of shocked and I guess it really showed.  Maybe they expected all my happiness and excitement to show.  And I would’ve thought it would too.  But I guess I was just too nervous.  I did start crying in the parking lot with DH.  It just feels too crazy to be real.  I was fine the rest of the night, but I was trying not to think about it too much.  Today I woke up in a pretty happy mood about it.  I also just got a call from the clinic letting me know I needed a different kind of referral from my primary care Dr. before they could submit to my insurance for approval.  Strangely enough, this made me super happy.  I guess you assume the office is on top of what they need to do for you, but I couldn’t help thinking yesterday “ok, so they’ll let me know in a couple weeks if insurance was approved.  But what if I fall through the cracks, and they forget to check.  Then I’ll call in like 3 weeks to find out what’s going on with it, and they’ll realize they never checked on me, and then they’ll do it at that point, but then, again, it’ll be a couple weeks for it to be approved…”  So it was great to get that call today because it reassures me that someone actually opened my file today to start the task of submitting to insurance.  It doesn’t even take a few days for that to happen.  My appointment was less than 24 hours ago and they’re already doing it!

Now I’m just sitting tight, taking my BC, Metformin (upped my dosage a bit), prenatals, and Vitamin D every night like clockwork, waiting for the next part to roll around.  In the meantime, I will be enjoying a glass of wine here and there since I can’t once I start stims.  And DH and I have set a tentative date for going to Tia’s (the restaurant I told you about with the amazing mojitos!) towards the end of the BC time, before stims start.  Can’t wait!




21 thoughts on “The one when we get the Green Light

  1. Well this is all very exciting!!! Congrats! I actually had a very positive experience with my meds (mind you I didn’t have to have any ass shots!) I actually felt a bit better than normal whilst stimming, although I had the egg front pouch thing going on which was fairly uncomfortable towards the end. I was previously terrified of needles but it was such an anti climax (in a good way!) they weren’t scary at all. Most important advice of all is: a) You’ve totally got this. b) Be kind to yourself. Good luck!!!!!

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    1. Aww, thank you so much! I love your advice! I just read through your blog before I commented back. I’ve gotta say, you’re right, you are a really positive person. I don’t know if I could come across as happy and encouraging for someone else if I was in the midst of what you are today and yesterday.
      I really appreciate the posts you did that outline your side effects and how the stims felt and everything. I like to know what’s going to happen.
      And as far as right now…. I just wish you all the best, and that your pregnancy continues. I’m following you now, and I’ll be here. Good luck! xoxo

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      1. Oh man this reply is seriously just what I needed. Thank you so, so much. The past couple of days have been a real struggle but comments like yours keep me going and somehow make the crappy days better. Thanks again, and know that I’m here for you too, cheering from the sideline! X


    1. I just saw that this comment was pending! Don’t know how I missed it in my notifications. Thank you so much. And thanks for noticing my titles!! haha You’re the first to mention it, I don’t know if other people have noticed and made the connection. I’m actually wondering how I’m going to stick with it when I’m updating during stims. Like ‘the one with the 12th shot’ ‘the one where I have a headache from the meds’…. CD5, CD7, etc, seems to be more realistic. I’ll have to get real creative. I’m a little obsessed…


  2. Yay for the green light! It is a crazy roller coaster of up and down but having a great attitude through it is important. You seem so optimistic and excited, which is a great start! You have a wonderful bunch of bloggers cheering you on and here if you have any questions. Best of luck moving forward. Stims weren’t bad for me at all, until the couple days before egg retrieval because I was so bloated with 30+ follies. You’ll do great 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much! Ugh, that is so many! I’m hoping hard for so many, but then trying to hold back my wishing so I don’t get “too many.” You know, as if my wishing controls it. If that was the case, I’d have gotten pregnant at the end of 2014!

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  3. Way to go on losing the weight you needed to!!! So happy she’s given you the green light and can’t wait to follow you on the IVF adventure. I’ve never gone through it so I won’t have any advice but I’ll be cheering you on nevertheless!

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  4. I am so excited to hear about this next phase in your journey. I’m also rooting you on in your weight loss goal. You can do this! One thing that has helped me is drinking smoothies each morning with tons of fruits, flax seed and a heaping handful of spinach. You can’t even taste the spinach and its full of fiber and other super nutrients!


  5. Remember when you called me so excited because someone followed your blog???? DUDE! This support system is incredible. So happy you got involved here.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I know right? Now I have 72 followers. It’s crazy. I don’t hear from all of them obviously, some are sporadic and a few are consistent and I’ve become ‘friends’ with. I’m so thankful for it. I know I had you guys IRL, but it’s just not the same. Even though I know how much you guys love me, it’s different to have people to talk to that have actually been through it. ❤ you babe!


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