The one with the botched SA


I’ve been on pins and needles waiting, for what seems like forever, for our follow-up appointment tomorrow.  I’ve been (pretty) steadily losing weight, like instructed.  I’ve been eating really healthy, taking my prescribed Metformin (most of you probably know that it can help you lose weight, it’s prescribed off-label a lot for us infertiles).  DH had an SA this past Friday at our local office (the one we go to for our regular appointments).  Which means he could actually do it at home and then bring it in.

Then he got a call this morning that they had “technical difficulties” with the microscope and were unable to actually do his SA last Friday.  They had him schedule another for this coming Friday at the other office (the one that we’ll go to for egg retrieval and transfers, that’s 45 minutes away).  Luckily they didn’t wait any longer to let us know.  As we all know, DH needs to “produce semen” a certain amount of time before the SA in order to get an accurate result.  Which means we need to take care of that tonight.  In any case, we had to reschedule tomorrow’s appointment.  I called, and the only time that is possible is not until the 13th.

Why is it that 2 weeks feels like forever for all of us?

Why are we always waiting for something?

I’m trying to see the silver lining.  I want to be able to tell Dr. V that I’ve hit her weight goal for me.  I was 3 pounds away (from the top end, she gave me a 5 pound window) before Easter weekend.  Now I’ve gained over 3 pounds.  So I’m hoping this extra 2 weeks is enough time for me to get there.  Then I can just look at it as “what was meant to happen.”


2 thoughts on “The one with the botched SA

    1. Thank you! Strangely enough, we’re hoping to hear that his numbers HAVEN’T risen… Insurance wants them at a certain place to cover treatment. And I’m hoping we’ll also be discussing prescriptions for injections to start soon. Counting down the days!

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