The one when I reblog “what not to say”

Saw this post on Waiting for our IVF miracle  I think this is what many of us think and feel. It takes a lot of willpower to remind myself that most of the people saying these types of things just don’t know what you’re actually going through and how to talk to you about it. They care for you, they just can’t express it well.

Waiting for our IVF miracle

I know most people mean well, and probably just don’t know what to say… but here’s some tips on what not to say to someone going through IVF and the comments I hear all the time!


What not to say… and my thoughts when you say that

–          You can have one of my kids… (would you actually give me one cause I will take them and love them if you don’t want them)

–          I’ll have a baby for you (Please don’t say things you don’t mean and it’s really not that simple- would you actually get pregnant and give me your baby?)

–          Are you sure you want kids, enjoy the freedom and the sleep (yes I am 100% sure, I wouldn’t be going through all this if I didn’t)

–          Why don’t you just adopt? (We would love to adopt, it breaks our heart how many…

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